Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020

26 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 , Best IT Solutions CEO 2020 (Germany): Marcus Heinrich Since 2010, agilimo has been a vital service for many businesses, creating ways for people to take advantage of a more flexible, digital workplace. Many of the firm’s customers are looking for a secure solution that still allows the required usability, but they do not have the expertise to deliver this for themselves in-house. All the work that agilimo undertakes is set to meet the standards of governments, retailers, customers, the financial sectors and defence companies around the world. When Marcus began agilimo, he had been an entrepreneur for more than ten years. He has a long history of founding companies and making them into successes that persevere to this day. Originally, agilimo was solely operated by him, but it has grown exponentially since those humble beginnings. Now Marcus has a team that operates all over Europe, accepted by the private and public sectors to make the best solutions available. This acceptance has been brought about through engaging everybody who is involved with the process, from the top of the organisation through to the bottom. Instead of being limited to the direct contacts who the firm is working alongside, Marcus has encouraged his team to take a holistic view of what they are doing. This approach makes it easy to put lasting change into place. It is an approach that allowed the team immense flexibility, in how they operate. Where some will say there is no solution, they will find a way forward. With such a unique perspective on the industry, Marcus has started to move the company in a slightly different direction. Instead of providing a purely bespoke solution, he intends to offer a modular product where client can choose a monthly fee. This way of working will allow them to access the entire service of the module including implementation, rollout, training and the device itself. By taking this stance, Marcus has placed the firm at the forefront of a technological revolution, supporting those who are being home-schooled across Germany. This new venture has been incredibly popular, and Marcus and his team are exploring ways of expanding what is on offer. They are currently talking to different schools about their needs, in order to find ways in which they can adapt their product to best suit these needs. The nature of consultancy has been in flux for the last few years, with the need to meet specific needs more prevalent than ever before. Marcus has ensured that his team remains inspired by having a yearly kick-off, with monthly meetings, to keep in contact. Team members at every level are invited to share their personal and professional goals for the year, and ways of fitting these to corporate aims is explored. Since the beginning, Marcus’s leadership style has embraced the strengths of teamwork and working together as a whole unit. It’s a truly collaborative style as opposed to him leading the way. Having achieved such success in Germany, and then Europe, it’s not surprising that Marcus and the team at agilimo have ambitions to expand their business into new territories. With an eye on what the market needs, Marcus has managed to guide the firm to incredible heights. In terms of IT solutions, he and his firm are definitely one to watch. Company: agilimo Consulting GmbH Contact: Marcus Heinrich Web Address: Jun20014 As thedigital economycontinues togrowinexcitingnewdirections, it takes someonewithvisionto helpbusinesses transformfor theworldof tomorrow.MarcusHeinrichof agilimoConsultingGmbH has spent the last tenyearsprovidingsophisticatedsolutions to thosewhoneed itmost.Having achievedsuchsuccess thanks to technical skill andbusiness acumen,we takeacloser lookathimand hisfirmtofindoutmore.