2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

4 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 , GCE18016 FarmaTrust is the most efficient global tracking systemwhich provides security to the pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the public, that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain. We invited CEO Raja Sharif to share a fascinating insight into the firmand howhe works to drive it to success in this vital sector. Pharmaceutical Security CEO of the Year – UK & Best Global Pharmaceutical Tracking System 2018 Established in 2017, FarmaTrust is the most efficient global tracking system which provides security to both patients and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain. Despite being a relatively young firm, FarmaTrust has achieved incredible success over the past year thanks to the hard work and commitment of both Raja and his diverse team, as he is eager to emphasise. “Personally, I am very proud of my success so far, and it is great to have been awarded the title of CEO of the year. Much of my management style and skills came from working in so many different countries with different cultures and people. This allows a manager to understand what motivates the team and get them to work together. Here at FarmaTrust, we pride ourselves to have a very diverse workforce and make a significant effort to ensure we keep that diversity. “After all, different clients or projects naturally require different skillsets and approaches. I believe that different members of the team can handle different situations and of course many of these relationships depend on effective communications. Therefore, our approach is communicative, as everyone at FarmaTrust understands that it is important to ensure what the goals of the parties are right at the beginning or commencement of a project, or during the on-boarding of a client. Once these are set and the teams understand the timelines and milestones, then there is usually clarity of the contribution of each member of the team. Without this clarity, doubt and uncertainty as well as friction between team members can happen which ultimately may lead to delays and increased costs. The greatest skill a manager brings to a team is not only selecting the right people, but also ensuring that they can work together with a common goal.” This collaborative, supportive approach and dynamic, staff- centric management style is the result of Raja’s many years’ experience working for a wide array of companies. Having a legal background, Raja understands the importance of his role at FarmaTrust and is constantly striving to support his clients in their crucial work. He discusses his previous experience in more detail and shares how he draws on this across every aspect of his current role. “Prior to my role at FarmaTrust I was a Barrister, and have previously worked as the Head of Legal or GC of a variety of companies including Guardian IT PLC (Sungard), COLT, British Telecom and Al Jazeera. I was fortunate to not only undertake a legal role, but also to sit on the operational boards of many of these companies, which allowed me to have insights and participate in discussions about strategy, risk assessment of commercial deals, and other commercial matters. I am also privileged to have worked with executives from the UK, USA and the Middle East which meant I quickly became accustomed to how business was done internationally. “Those experiences have become valuable in my current role at FarmaTrust, where we have interactions with partners not just in Europe but from all over the world. This ensures that we know how to handle relationships diplomatically and gently to ensure success.” Through his current role, Raja now supports his team at FarmaTrust to dramatically reduce the sale and distribution of fake pharmaceuticals. Based on Ethereum, the firm’s blockchain system utilises Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis to provide confidence to patients and medical practitioners worldwide, meanwhile increasing efficiencies for pharmaceutical companies. Providing both blockchain and pharmaceutical services offers Raja and his team a unique overview of both of these industries, which Raja is keen to share with us as he outlines how the two markets can and should work closer together in order to ensure the safety of patients around the world. “Currently, our work is split across two key sectors, and we have a fascinating insight into each. We work in the blockchain industry, which is slowly gaining acceptance. The biggest issue with our industry is that people seem to confuse blockchain with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Although there are different views in respect of peoples’ acceptance or views on cryptocurrencies, this can sometimes negatively reflect on the benefits that blockchain can bring to the sector and the industry as a whole. “As for the pharmaceutical sector, our experience is that the smaller and medium size companies are much more willing to accept new industries to enhance or provide cost savings than the larger companies, but this is normal in any industry. Ultimately, we believe that blockchain and AI services that companies such as ours provide will definitely form a strategic part of every company in this sector moving forward.” With this in mind, looking ahead Raja believes that the future is bright for FarmaTrust, as he and his dedicated team continue to innovate and drive change in the pharmaceuticals space, as he is proud to conclude. “With regards to the future, at FarmaTrust we believe that the pharmaceutical supply chain will be fully automated from warehouses, self-driving trucks, self-sailing ships, and automated port authorities as well as customs clearance. Since we have made a strategic choice to be sensor neutral, we believe that the increase in use of IoT devices and our blockchain/AI system will become the standard

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