2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 35 Best Decorative Surfaces Business Leader 2018 - Singapore g role was into looking into the operations of a manufacturing company, this role gave me a hindsight and experience into looking into details of a company’s internal operations. This helped me to my journey to my current role as CEO. “Today, as a leader I personally believe that the client is not looking for a product, the client is looking for a solution to his problem. For me, each project I undertake is a customised solution to that particular client within a time frame and at a comfortable budget. All stakeholders of a project are involved from the day of inception, and I work hard to understand their needs and create a solution based on the needs and how we can satisfy all the stake holder. I also believe that if there is a question there is a solution to it. That is how we at Crescent Asia build a project satisfying the client every time. Every day is a new challenge and every challenge is a new opportunity. Once successfully completed, each challenge is added to the learning curve and experience, thereby making me better on the job and making both myself and my team more competitive, which is vital as we seek to continue to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.” Operating in a competitive market, client satisfaction is crucial to success. With prices constantly lowering due to an influx of competitors, firms such as Crescent Asia have to work hard to distinguish themselves from their competitors and mark themselves out as the best possible option for their clients, as Sandeep explains. “As a multi-continental company Crescent Asia offers clients a global reach and a unique range of styles and designs. Our product range is constantly evolving to meet their needs and ensure that they never want for anything. Our clients value our dedicated team’s exceptional level of service and our innovative product offering.” As he looks to the future, Sandeep is keen to showcase his firm’s adaptation to the myriad of changes he foresees in the dynamic and constantly changing decorative surfaces market. “Ultimately, for Crescent Asia the future is very bright and exciting due to the rise of a wide variety of new and invigorating technologies into our market. Our industry has not evolved much in the past 20 years, however over the coming five years there will be lot of evolving as the market embraces this new technology and strives to meet its clients’ ever evolving needs. We are open towards accepting newer commercially viable technologies and thereby keep ourselves futureproof, so that we can offer our clients the solutions they need and the service they expect.” Company: Crescent Asia Pte. Ltd Contact: Sandeep Sharma Address: 89 Short Street, #10-05, Golden Wall Centre, 188216, Singapore