2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 23 , Company: Lime Source Consultancy Contact: Rajeev Gupta Address: Office No. G 015 Technopoint Bldg, DSO, Dubai, UAE Phone: 00971 4 3206797 | Website: www.lime-source.com GCE18004 Best Global Talent Search Consultancy 2018 Lime Source Consultancy is a leadingManagement and HR Consultancy Company providing staffing link between job seekers and employers, marketing services andmanagement consultation. We invited CEO Rajeev Gupta awarded as “HR CEO of the year 2018” to take us through the firmand his role in its success. CEO Rajeev Gupta is based out of Dubai, UAE since 1993 , Lime Source Consultancy under Dynamic leadership of CEO has specialised in sourcing multiple category staff from 12 countries across globe, acting as the sole point of contact for its esteemed clients. CEO draws on over 25 years’ experience and is a recognised industry professional who has worked around the world. He is a prestigious member of ASIS (the American Society Of Industrial Society), and has held senior posts for over two decades, handling large organisations with large work force, enabling him to offer his clients the benefit of his vast industry expertise. He shares a fascinating insight into the firm and how it works to provide its clients with the highest possible standards of support and service. “Here at Lime Source Consultancy we believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and we see things from their perspective. As such, we are able to recommend the best possible destination to hire our clients’ desired skills based upon our diversified rich experience as industry professionals. As part of this focus, we ensure to maintain an accurate check and balance system as per ISO standards to ensure there is the desired outcome at each stage of process involved from beginning to closing of projects. We have specific team headed by our Director/ GM for after sales service to ensure complete peace of mind of our clients.” It is the firm’s dedication to client service and achieving real success for them that is central to its service offering, as Rajeev highlights. “At times we find specific categories been demanded with acute shortage across Globe of same ; however, at Lime Source Consultancy we see those challenges as opportunities to counsel our clients by imparting and sharing knowledge on how their industry is constantly evolving and the need for them to evolve alongside it. As a team we work towards creating organisational growth for our clients and supporting them in the fast paced international corporate market.” Moving forward, there are many exciting developments in store for Lime Source Consultancy, as Rajeev is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, we have plans to hire more senior members in management to support our organization’s expansion plans, which will help us to support even more clients around the world and provide them with our market leading service offering. Our plan is to move into Canada shortly and then expand into even more countries to support even more clients and achieve even greater success.”

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