2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 17 , GCE18026 Realty Consulting CEO of the Year – China & Best International Real Estate Consultancy - Asia Pacific Premier Capital Limited is one of the earliest and largest international property consulting firms, withHeadquarters inHong Kong and over 11 offices in China. We invited Founder CEO Philip Leung to tell us more about his role in the firm’s success. Established in 1988 with capital from Hong Kong and the U.S.A, today Premier Capital is one of the most reputable international real estate consulting and investment companies in Asia, and the first branded international real estate consulting firm entering into Mainland China. Philip explores how he came to create the firm and the work he undertakes in his current role as CEO. “Personally, I Founded Premier Capital 31 years ago, drawing on my experience in the market. I achieved my position as CEO by learning from past mistakes and use them as a mirror to reflect on future planning. “Currently, my role is to oversee the entire management team as well as participate in major decision making. The Board of Directors will determine the policy and direction of the organization while I would work with my team on the implementation. The types of clients I work with primarily come from the higher end of the society, they range from business owners to professionals.” As he looks to the future, Philip is excited for the future developments that Premier Capital has in store, as he is proud to conclude. “For the last 31 years, our competitive strengths have always been our corporate integrities, professionalism and outstanding after sales services. Due to increasing market competition, looking ahead, it will be a challenge for us to maintain a rapid growth. To achieve this, we will increase our varieties of products, enhance our services and professionalism to meet with clients’ expectations. “Overall, since research shows that about 60% of the wealthy people in China want to migrate and diversify their investments, our plan at Premier Capital is to capitalize on that. We will spend more resources on brand building and developing our franchise in order to dig deep into these markets and further enhance our success over the years to come.”

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