2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

10 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 , GCE18007 Photo Credit: CEO Rainer Koppitz - B2X For the last decade, B2X has been pioneering the global customer care industry. B2X transformed the long and complicated process for fixing broken electronic devices into one that takes amatter of hours while providing a seamless customer experience, as CEO Rainer Koppitz explores as he shares a fascinating insight into the firmwith us. Customer Care CEO of the Year 2018 As the premier after- sales service provider for smartphones and consumer electronics, B2X is at the forefront of customer care. B2X helps to streamline after-sales operations for manufacturers providing full visibility and control over the customer care experience. With more than 1,500 employees and over 500 trusted partners around the world, B2X delivers customer care on behalf of Apple, Google, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Xiaomi and many other smartphone and consumer electronics companies, Rainer opens by sharing the firm’s latest developments. “Recently, B2X has successfully launched a Care-as-a-Service (CaaS) model – a complete 360° outsourcing solution that allows established and challenger brands likewise to focus on their core business while B2X takes care of delivering an excellent after-sales experience. This is a unique model combining the vast knowledge of B2X’s customer care experts with its SMARTCARE Technology Platform, which forms the backbone of the global after- sales operations. This unique combination of experienced people, strong processes and an innovative technology platform continues to be the essence of what we are all about.” As the leader of this innovative firm, Rainer draws on his long industry experience to drive the company’s success, as he highlights. “When I joined B2X in 2016 as Chief Executive Officer, B2X was at at a turning point. The global smartphone industry, which had been the company’s sole focus was slowing down. At the same time, new market opportunities in the area of consumer IoT devices with wearables, connected household appliances and smart consumer electronics began to emerge. “To ensure the firm’s ongoing success in this ever evolving market, I draw on my industry experience in business technology with leadership positions at Siemens, Dell, British Telecom and NFON. As an international business leader in Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Care, I have acquired valuable knowlege in leading both start-up companies and large international organizations in the technology and telecommunications industries. This has helped me a lot to support the global growth of B2X in a very dynamic market environment.” Looking ahead, Rainer has big plans for the future of B2X, which he is proud to share in his concluding comments. “Ultimately, my vision for B2X is to become the number one global after-sales service provider for consumer IoT devices. I took on the challenge to evolve the company’s business model into one that would cater for all sorts of connected electronic devices, not just smartphones. Gartner estimates that there will be 14 billion connected consumer IoT devices in use by 2020 – on top of 6 billion smartphones being used around the world.” Company: B2X | Contact: Rainer Koppitz Web Address: b2x.com

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