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Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres has one central mission: to provide world-leading, patient-centric healthcare. It’s a common thread among healthcare providers to want to be, simply, the best. However, with CEO Andre Daoud at the helm, Medcare looks set to achieve it. We spoke with Andre to find out more about his inspirations, history and successes.

Disruption . That’s the word that has come to truly define Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres. It’s a word that Andre Daoud, CEO of Medcare, said a handful of times throughout our conversation. It speaks to a need for change. A need to be better. In everything that he does, Andre holds himself to this central creed, and uses it as a core foundation for his decisions as CEO.

It’s a fitting sentiment. More than anything, Medcare is defined by a need to change expectations and drive the greater healthcare industry ever forwards. Relentlessly. Fuelled by passion along all tiers of the organisation, with a keen focus on bettering patient care, Medcare has come to dominate Dubai’s healthcare landscape. “Medcare Hospitals is a premium healthcare facility. We currently have four hospitals and fifteen clinics with four more coming. The company has been established for almost fifteen years and we’ve seen, over those years, continuous organic growth. Our hospitals and clinics are both speciality and multispeciality clinics, but ultimately, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for patients.

“Our motto is “We’ll Treat You Well”. We value excellence, integrity, compassion, respect, passion and unity in all that we do and accomplish.”

As CEO, Andre has a keen vision for the future of Medcare and what it can achieve moving forwards. His previous experience certainly lends itself well to establishing a comprehensive network for Medcare to use as a cornerstone and greater foundation. “My career in healthcare – though it was more on the insurance side of things – has given me the contacts to nurture a complete ecosystem, to connect and network with healthcare providers of all varieties.” Yet, Andre’s true strength as a leader comes not from what he can bring from his past, but how he can change the company’s future. 

From our conversation, the aforementioned idea of disruption reared its head a few times, though always in respect to how Medcare can refine its ability to cater to its patients. It’s a refreshing framework. Disruption typically brings to mind interference, delay, and chaos, but Andre has come to wield the word with more grace. He sees a healthcare future defined by control, patient choice and extraordinarily personalised care. 

“Patient safety is paramount. The patient journey is a priority, and it has to be unique, seamless and different in a market that is highly competitive. Currently, and in the long-term, we are looking to redesign healthcare from the ground up to be focused entirely on the patient and their wishes. 

We do not make any decisions for the patient, or pressure them down a particular route. Medcare is trying, above all else, to realise their needs and address them directly to change how healthcare functions. Personally, I see myself as being on a mission to deliver quality healthcare with no compromise.”

Of particular note, Medcare is moving away from a purely medical perspective, as Andre continues. “We understand that modern healthcare isn’t just curing an illness, so we’re also encouraging people to engage in a healthier lifestyle – to eat better and exercise more.” The company has its sights on a more, in a word, holistic perspective, catering to true and complete wellness. It’s a goal that is becoming adopted on a global stage as the industry experiences a slowly – ever so slowly – changing paradigm. It’s no surprise that Medcare is looking to lead the way in adopting this mindset before the rest of the market catches on. 

“Medcare Hospitals focuses on healthcare rather than ‘sick-care’. We focus on outcome-based – rather than commercial-based- healthcare to frame our clinical practice and approach. That is how we aim to change the market and distinguish ourselves from the competition.” 

If disruption remains a key word in relation to Medcare’s past and present, refinement is sure to define its future, as Andre moves on to discuss in his closing comments. “The future of Medcare lies in refinement and expansion without sacrificing the qualities that have built its success so far. We want to maintain our organic growth through expansion into new sites whilst ensuring excellent patient care at all levels. A key focus moving forward will be in providing new and unique services through acquisitions to broaden our patient reach.

“We’re also looking at digitalisation and optimising the patient journey that way, which will allow our staff to engage with patients more directly and in a more personalised way. Quality care comes with a lot of intimacy and a deeper knowledge of the patient and their needs. In the past and still to this day, healthcare seemed to be quite cold, and distant: to prescribe a quick cookie-cutter solution to a problem. We want to move away from that. We want to put the focus entirely on the patient and for them to take ownership of their healthcare collectively.” 

Throughout it all, Andre remains committed to betterment whilst keeping the patient front and centre. Partnering this approach with savvy business acumen has, and will continue, to serve Andre well as CEO as he looks set to forge the future of next generation premium healthcare.

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Executive Profile: Andre Daoud, CEO of Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centre 

A graduate of Saint Joseph University in Beirut with a bachelor’s degree in insurance, Andre later obtained a higher diploma in Organisational Leadership from the University of Cork. Throughout his career, Andre has become a distinguished expert in identifying new streams for revenue and value creation that can seamlessly be incorporated into established business plans and frameworks. 

Today, Andre brings some twenty years of strategic management and organisational leadership to Medcare Hospitals. A particular strength lies in tackling financial challenges whilst improving the greater customer experience. Impressively, customers, clients and patients are never far from his considerations.
As a keen innovator, Andre Daoud has long been a true believer in the power of technology in achieving high organisational performance. At Medcare, he leads a number of initiatives that aim to deliver unique market differentiation, establish partnerships and capture robust business opportunities that serve to add more value to the already existing patient centric offering.

In addition, he also leads the development and execution of tailored business strategies that focus on realising clinical excellence, providing a unique patient experience, leveraging digitalisation by looking beyond technology to drive innovation while also generating organic business growth and expansion. 

His journey also included delivering healthcare solutions for both the private and public sectors in the region such as partnership agreements and international patient services to establishing national healthcare schemes.

Of particular note, Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres recently announced that it had, for the fifth time, achieved JCI accreditation for its specialised Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital. Since 2006, JCI accreditation has been considered the ‘gold’ standard for UAE hospitals, showcasing an ability to maintain high levels of patient safety and care. Healthcare facilities who are awarded this accreditation have undergone comprehensive and rigorous on-site testing.

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